April 24, 2024

In this economy, stretching your advertising and marketing budgets as far as they will go is very important. It is imperative to pick advertising methods that get you the highest return-on-investment. There are many different forms of advertising that help you reach a large audience for very little cost.Door-to-door advertising is a highly effective form of advertising, and is great for branding your company in front of a large audience. Door hangers are one of the most successful forms of door-to-door advertising, and because of their affordable printing prices, custom hangers are an essential marketing tool for the upcoming summer months.While every industry can benefit from hanger printing, there are a few industries in particular that will see a high return-on-investment with door hangers. The following industries can truly benefit from this form of advertising during spring and summer.1. Landscaping companies thrive during the summer months, and door hanger advertising is the perfect way to advertise your services. Print hangers that advertise the variety of services you offer, and consider including a coupon or discount code. A perforated frequent buyer card would be the perfect call to action to encourage customers to use your services throughout the summer.2. Pool cleaners can also find a huge benefit in using hanger advertising. Since summer is the best pool weather, it is important for people to keep their pools clean and usable. Print door hangers that advertise your pool cleaning services and spread them in neighborhoods around town to increase your customer base. You might consider including a discount for referring a friend, which is another way to get more customers.3. Summer sports leagues might consider recruiting using door-to-door advertising. Door hangers are a great way to promote local sports teams and leagues, and if kids see the hangers, they will definitely want to sign up with all of their friends. Include game and tournament schedules on the back of your custom hangers to give families enough information to plan their summer activities.4. House cleaning companies can benefit from door hanger printing year-round, especially during the holidays. Many families are busy with work, their kid’s activities, vacation, church, etc., and do not have time to clean their house weekly. Use hanger printing for your cleaning company to advertise your services and rates. Since house cleaning is often based on repeat customers, you may consider including a reward program as an incentive to keep current customers.5. Babysitting and pet sitting services are also popular during the summer months because kids are out of school and many families go on vacations and don’t take pets with them. Door hangers are just the thing for advertising these services, because many babysitters and pet sitters are individuals and do not have a large advertising budget. Custom hangers are very affordable, and will get your message out to a wide variety of potential customers.6. Restaurants are another industry that can benefit from advertising year-round. Advertise different specials or menu features with door hanger advertising, or let customers know about new locations, remodeling, or grand openings. Local restaurants can benefit greatly from custom hanger advertising, especially if they have a small advertising budget to start out. Offer a discount for any customer who brings in your hanger to encourage customers to try your restaurant.7. Political hangers are ideal for political campaigns and candidates. Whether you are running for a local, state or national government position, door hangers help spread the word about your campaign and your political views. On your custom hanger, include any running mates you have, your Web site, local office information, and anything else you want voters to know about you as a candidate and your campaign. Consider printing door hangers for any special events you may be speaking at or to advertise public debates you are involved in.8. Churches can benefit from the low cost of custom hanger printing and the number of people who see the advertisement. Door hangers allow churches to reach a wide variety of people at a low cost, and are perfect for advertising special services and church events. New churches can recruit new members by using hanger printing to let people in the community know about your new church.9. Moving companies should use door hangers to advertise their moving services, especially at houses that have sale signs in their front yard. Spring and early summer are the most popular times of the year to move, so door hanger advertising at the beginning of spring and throughout summer can be very valuable. Include pricing for your moving services and any products you carry that help people move so they have all the information they need. Attach a business card at the bottom of your hanger for customers to hold on to in case they want to recommend you to family and friends.10. Remodeling companies also see a spike in business during spring and summer as people move into new houses, get ready to sell their house, or have more time available due to school being out. Remodeling companies should include a list of remodeling services, the address to your showroom, and any contact information the customer needs to know on their hanger. Coupons on the back of your custom hanger are a perfect way to convince customers to look into using your services.Door hanger printing with a commercial printing company is affordable and the best choice for your next advertising or marketing campaign.