June 12, 2024

Often the hardest part of running one’s own business is how to build it. This is because businesses need to be advertised, and again everything from selling to networking all takes time and a tidy sum of money. These are usually very scarce in most small businesses.Make sure that before you throw money into any form of advertising, first be satisfied that you have done all you can to grow the business.When you hear the word “networking’, do not tremble in fear. These cliches associated with the term networking can remind one of all sorts of cartoon smiles with business cards moving in and out with lightning speed. This is not the correct picture.What the term networking actually means is that you are in good contact with every person you meet who might be a connection for sharing knowledge about business. Tell them what you do and the product you deal with in as few as 20 words or less.These should be plain language that even the simplest person would be able to understand and again it should elicit further questions. For example, you could say: Am a hypnotherapist – helping people to deal with their fears by teaching them to abandon bad habits and be transformed. Another one can be, “I deal in office supplies that orders systems for Fortune 500 companies.”As an anesthesiologist, I major in putting people to sleep during major surgeries and see that they wake up afterwards.”If you really believe in the value effectiveness of your product or services, then it would be easy to market it to the public because it would be for their own benefit. In case there is anything that would cause you to have some reservations about the product or service you are offering, the best thing is to resolve it first. That is the only way you would be able to market it with full integrity 100%.Take care that you do not subconsciously pass any uncertainty or misgivings about your product or service to potential customers. It means you should be speaking about your business with pride and great enthusiasm. At this point you are not selling it but sharing the wonderful information with friends.